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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glow in the dark summer party

It was awesome!!!!

It took a lot of planning, a lot of research, a photography lesson from the amazing Jonah Greenman, and an energy drink but it was AMAZING.

The kids arrived around 8 pm.  It did not get dark until closer to 10 pm but they did not care.  

Everyone had to wear glow necklaces and bracelets to make sure we knew where everyone was and there were no accidents.  Some kids chose to wear a lot more than the required 2.  All good.  We bought lots at the dollar store.

We bought LED lighted balloons to hang in the trees.

Glow in the dark cups

These were made by taking a Red Solo Cup, putting a glow bracelet in the bottom, and then putting a clear cup on top of the glow stick.  We just gave the kids sprite to drink.

We found glow in the dark straws at the dollar store.

We used plastic wine glasses upside down with LED lights underneath for cupcake stands.

We put glow sticks in the bottom of the cooler to light it up. Hard to see the lights when it was full... but it was cool.

We broke open a glow stick and added it to bubbles.  It looked cool as a decoration but did NOT make good glow in the dark bubbles.  Oh well.  Not everything works like you hope.

We threaded bracelet glow sticks through wiffle balls.  You can use these for golf or baseball.

We added the baton style glow sticks to 2 L bottles of water for bowling.

We taped glow sticks to hula hoops

We made ring toss game by taking a box and putting a large paper towel roll through the center.  I painted it with glow in the dark paint.  For the rings we put 2 glow bracelets together.

We got LED balls at the dollar store.

We got LED finger lights at the dollar store.  If you reflected the finger lights through the LED balls they made really cool designs.

The kids REALLY liked the finger lights.  I should have bought more.  Even the teenage helpers liked them!

We put glow sticks in beach balls. You need about 5 in each beach ball unless it is super dark.

To top off all the festivities we gave everyone sparklers and told them to run wild.  It was awesome.  Truly awesome.

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