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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day - Part One

Two posts in one day?  That probably will not happen very often.  As mentioned I have 3 crazy busy male children who keep me insanely busy.  I also have a full time job where I work 9-5:30 during the week.  I have a part time job at the local Rec Centre so I can teach the Babysitting Course and run Girls Night and other kid friendly programs. As well occasionally I drive a zamboni.  OK - just for the record we call it an Olympia here in Lillooet.  However, it is still cool... and also terrifying if there are a lot of people in the stands staring at you.  Stories for another time.  Just adds up to being super busy.  The crafts and things I will be talking about are ones that real people do.  I am not Martha Stewart.  I don't have time to spend 30 minutes decorating ONE cookie.  It has to be real.

Today is Father's Day.  Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there... and to all those who do the job of Dad.

I wanted to do some crafts for Father's Day.  So of course I went on Pinterest.  I know you all did too.  Admit it.  It is ok.  It is crack for women.  They said so on the News so you know it is true!

I created an entire board.  Seriously.  Now what to make?  What will BOYS want to make... hmm.  What does he like?  Well... ZOMBIES.  Duh.  OK, what do I want to make?

First - cake.  Well in MY family we can rule that out.  What looks like a cake but is something that will not go in the garbage after the pictures are taken?  My twin friends Jo and Sue have a blog and for their birthday they made each other a pop can cake.  Jo likes Diet Coke and Sue likes Coke.  They are awesome so I thought I would borrow their idea. Check out their blog

To the store I went.  I of course did not read the directions first and figure out how much pop I would need... 3 cases should be lots.  Nope.  It was not.  READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST.  My tip of the day.

The bottom layer has 30 cans.  The middle layer has 12.  The top has 2.  If you are using one kind of pop then it is probably easier.  My family likes orange and cream soda.  I made a sqaure cake because I wanted to change it up a little.  I thought they would stack better this way too (which is very true).  If you do a square cake vs round it does not require cardboard in between layers so that they do not fall over.  Maybe if you lived in a house where it was calm and there were not wrestling matches happening every 5 seconds your cake would be safe.  Not here.

Do not attempt to move this once built.  It is heavy!!!  We built it on the table were it was going to be displayed.  Much easier.  You can just use a tiny dab of hot glue to attach the ribbons - one dab on each side of the cake is lots.  It peels off easily too so you can still drink the pop.

If you live in a house where the adult males drink beer - beer can cake would be also cool.  We are boring. Pop it is.

More later... 

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