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Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Day - Part 2

Today definitely was a Monday... in every way.  Thankfully we are reaching the end of it.  The weekend was way more fun.  I had fun doing all the Father's Day crafts with the kids.  I really do not get enough time doing crafts.  I feel guilty if I hide out and do them alone.  OK, not guilty.  I need a better hiding place.  I swear my kids have an inner radar that alerts them if I dare go downstairs.  It results in Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM, MOM, MOM - WHERE ARE YOU??? As for doing it in the evening when they are in bed sleeping - NOPE.  That requires them all to go to sleep, at the same time, while I am awake.  That is a pretty tall order.
My mom says I should have had my kids closer together.  I say, NO NO NO.  I needed to sleep in between kids to reserve my sanity.  My kids have never been good sleepers.  They are the kids that have been getting up at the crack of dawn since birth and by the time you had one eye cracked open they had their coat on and were standing at the front door saying, "Go Bye Bye?"

So, crafting alone is not really in my reality yet.  I find that I can spend time in the kitchen.  It seems the kids expect me to be there so the panic of not being able to see me does not set in.  That is why I have fun baking and making CUPCAKES - for other people of course. I can do my kitchen thing and they can fight zombies on video games or play zombie tag - as long as they always can see me.

 For Father's Day I purposely tried to find things the kids would like to do.  My good friend has 2 daughters and she let me help throw a Rainbow Art Party for a 9th birthday party.  I am going to devote an entire blog to that later.  There was paint involved.  She asked me why I never did an art party for the boys?  Gee... the terror that strikes into my heart.  Lots of little boys and paint. There is NO WAY that will not end badly.  So, I decided to scale it down to JUST MY KIDS and paint.  I was still scared.  I spent a few days on Pinterest... found a few EASY and QUICK (2 things that are important in my family) art projects.

First Project...
Supplies:  Elmer's White Glue, canvas, and paint.

Apparently if you draw on canvas with white glue and then let it dry you can paint over it for a cool effect... OK.  I can do that.  Canvases and white glue and paint.  I tried to take a picture of the canvas with the glue on it before the paint.  It is really hard to see the glue.  Painting over it with one color is recommended.

I wanted to try one too.  My freehand drawing skills are about par with a monkey.  OK that is probably unfair to the monkey.  I doodle flowers a lot.  I tried to draw them out of glue.  This is the result.  Hey, I said earlier that I AM NOT MARTHA STEWART.  Don't judge me.  This is art for Dad - by kids - and maybe a craft deprived Mom.

Next project...
Supplies - canvas, masking tape and paint.

Spell out Dad (or whatever word/s you like) with masking tape.

Paint the entire canvas.

 Peel off the tape.

Very cute.

Last project...
Supplies:  Dad's favorite things, basket, ribbon

Go WILD.  We used Dad's cookies and Dad's Root Beer because it was Father's Day.  Then we put in all Dad's favorite snacks.  KitKat, Mars Bars, Bits and Bites, Lays, Skittles etc.

This one is pretty self explanatory... but Dad's favorite things in a basket.  Add ribbon.

The kids were absolutely in love with this idea.  S says "YOU ARE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD...Now can you make me a favorite things basket??"

Do you think Dad will share?

Happy Father's Day!

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