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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rainbow Art Party

In an earlier post I mentioned a Rainbow Art Party that my friend let me help with for her daughter's 9th birthday... Yay!  Not that I don't love boys and zombies but sometimes I need girl time and rainbows.

Let's start out with where you can get cool supplies... the dollar store.  I LOVE DOLLAR STORES.  I live in a small town that is two hours in any direction for shopping.  When I go out of town there are usually a lot of things to do... appointments for the dentist, eye doctor, hair cuts etc.  You have to make it count.  My first stop is always the dollar store.  My son has said to me more than once, "You should not spend more than $100 at the dollar store."  I disagree.   You can get so much stuff there.  Cool crafty stuff.  Cool holiday theme stuff.  Dollar stores are amazing.

I knew right away what I wanted.  Canvases, paint and brushes to start.  I was searching the craft aisle and I found canvases with easels.  Awesome.  They also had lots of wooden things to paint.  I chose little tiny birdhouses.  They even had paint palates.  Did I mention that I love dollar stores?  Crafts taken care of.

Cake - Rainbow cake.  We made lots of cake.  LOTS.  I just used a regular white cake mix and added Wilton Gel color to achieve the desired shade.  I used 5 cake mixes and made one each color. This was just made in a round 9 inch pan.  I started with red and ended with purple.  I poured the cake mix into the pan from a measuring cup so I had a teeny bit more control.  Every color uses a little less cake mix.  Bake according to cake mix directions.

 We also made take home rainbow party favors by baking rainbow cake-in-a-jar.  Very easy.  I had a lot of cake mix to use up.  You just layer the cake colors in a clean mason jar and bake in the oven.  It helps to put the jars on a cookie sheet in the oven. DO NOT GREASE THE JARS.  This results in the jar getting a brown baked film on it and it is hard to see the colors.  DO NOT OVERFILL THE JARS.  Seriously.  Put way less than you think you will need.  Less than half the jar.  Otherwise you have to scrub and scrub cake residue off the outside so you can see the pretty colors.  Mine are TOO FULL in this picture.

Now what else can we make into rainbows?  On Pinterest I found really cute paintbrushes made from Rice Krispie Squares.  They were made by cutting adding a colored popsicle stick to the Rice Krispie square and then putting on some icing.  They turned out so cute.  Definitely a hit with the girls.  I got the colored craft sticks at the dollar store.

We had extra sticks so we decided to dip bananas in melted chocolate and then add colored sprinkles.  We could pretend we were being healthy because they were fruit.

We needed to have something to drink.  Ice cubes made out of KoolAid.  Add ice cubes to Sprite, maybe an umbrella too and you have a colorful fancy drink.

Now the finale... the cake.  The girl of the day likes Littlest Pet Shop so we had to put those on top of the cake.  We needed some more chocolate (who doesn't?) and some more rainbows.  KitKat Skittle cake!

We just used the one layer round cake because we wanted to put the Pet Shop characters on top.  We iced it with normal white icing and then put KitKat bars around the outside.  It took 12 regular KitKat bars.  We placed them on the iced cake and then put a ribbon around it for stability.   Pour a few (ok 6) bags of different skittles on top and you have a cake that would impress any kid.  The cool part was the kids did not know about the rainbow INSIDE...

The kids did amazing art as well... I love girl time!

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