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Monday, 24 June 2013

Canada Day super cool Red-And-White Drink

Isn't this COOL!!!  I saw a few posts like this with layered drinks.  I vowed I would learn to make them.  I admit that it took some trial and error.  It seems that this has to be made very carefully or you just get a pink drink.  I almost gave up.  I decided to give it one more try and voila... the coolest drink I have ever made.

This particular Canada Day version has 3 ingredients.

The ice is VERY VERY important.  

Step one - figure out the sugar content of the drinks so you know which to put in first.

The Sobe Pina Colada has more sugar so we will put that in the drink first.

Then we will fill the entire glass with ice.

Lastly we will pour the lower sugar content drink (Gatorade) S L O W L Y directly over the ice.

If you drink turns pink - you have done something wrong.  I kept thinking that the pink drink would separate into red and white... NOPE.  It was so weird.  Even when the ice melted in the red and white drink it stayed in 2 layers.  I think this may become a science experiment of sorts some day with my kids.  I may have to do some internet research... AFTER I have had my super cool Red-And-White Canada Day drink.

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