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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer vacation

Who said summer vacation was relaxing?   Not here.  It feels like the last week has been filled with craziness.  Company, birthday, soccer tournament... did I mention craziness?  I had an awesome birthday though.  I got gift cards for my favorite things... massages, Michaels craft store and THE DOLLAR STORE!  Yay me!  We even went to Kamloops for family time and saw a movie and went to the dollar store.  I broke my record there - needed 2 carts.  I needed all the supplies for a cool party I am having this weekend.

I also got a movie basket - and yes, there was a zombie movie.  It was the first one we watched as a family. My presents for birthdays and Christmas ALWAYS include something zombie related.  My family is awesome.  Insane - but awesome.

My friend Jo also made me Nanaimo Bar Ice Cream.  Seriously.  She invented it herself.  It was awesome.  
Yay me!!

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