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Friday, 27 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is a zombie apocalypse

We wish you a scary Christmas...

I am going to get back on the blog next week.  It is my New Year's resolution to get healthy and get back to things I love.  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season.

Our family had a good Christmas even though things have been crazy in the last few months. Christmas Season started with Holiday Photos.  With 3 boys this is never fun.  There are tears.  There is dragging kids out from under the bed.  This year we thought we would try a more individual approach.  Each kid would be in his own picture.  We would take them at our house with a hand made background. We started thinking about the photos around Halloween so this gave us some creative and unusual ideas.  What says Halloween like zombies?  Make-up was available.  Google tutorials were available.  Thanks to the stores which no longer have time between seasons - you can buy Santa hats and Halloween props at the same time.  My friend was Boxing Day shopping yesterday and they had Valentine's Day stuff out... CRAZINESS.

The blog is not called zombies vs cupcakes for nothing.  We decided a zombie themed card would be funny.  My kids were not on board with the make-up.  I was a little nervous as I do not even own a tube of lipstick.  Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials.  I did a few trial runs of make-up.  One while my husband was sleeping.  I managed to do a half decent job with liquid latex.  I went and stood beside the bed to scare him but started laughing.  I just had visions of getting punched in the face just like on AFV.  I started laughing and ruined the surprise.  Probably a good thing.

The background is a green sheet with liquid blood handprints and some spray on blood.  Creepy.

Santa's suit was also decorated.  We did some simple makeup.  Kids just needed Santa hats and a BB gun.

At the end we just downloaded them onto the computer and uploaded them on to a card.  We used Vistaprint and Costco.

Just a few notes...

There are some people who thought this was hilarious... others not so much.

For those unhappy people:

1.It is a joke.
2. My family loves zombies.
3. No tears.
5. No zombies were harmed in the making of this Christmas photo.

So, whether you agree or disagree...


Merry Christmas!

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